Why Artificial Plants Have Become Popular Today

baby-hampersMost people love horticulture classes during their early school days. It is not because of anything but the exciting feeling of tendering plants and watch them grow. The flowering time is perhaps the most amazing. Most of them will even go to the extent of taking home some of the blossoming plants. Surprisingly, they may even try to find a perfect space for it.

For such a person, they would be surprised to notice other types of plants that require less of watering and they never grow. That is how most people got to learn of fake plants. They would watch their mother’s never growing plant in great disbelief. One would wonder why someone would consider keeping a plant that will never blossom. It is only after learning the lucrative benefits of artificial plant that they will start appreciating these silk foliage.

Artificial foliage is also known as silk. When these plants were first introduced, they were only made from silk material, hence their name. This was done with the intention of creating real plants. However, the truth is that those plants were never real. Today however, technology has improved so much that it would take more than passing one quick glance to distinguish a real plant from an artificial one.

One of the greatest undoing of living plants that are used for decoration is that they rely on light to thrive. It only means that when brought into the house, they must be placed in areas that are lit properly. You can also choose to be taking them outside during the day so they can get sufficient sunlight. This can be quite overwhelming compared to silk plants that do not need any lighting.

There are other instances where natural plants cannot suit. For example, most people prefer working in allergy free environment, more so when it is an office that receives all types of visitors. You do not want your visitor developing a running nose or sneezing in the middle of a business deal. Using artificial plants from the finest Singapore florist can give you the impression of plants around the office.

When you walk by the flower garden, one of the things you will notice are all kinds of insects. They naturally are attracted to authentic plants, more so the blossoming type. While some insects like butterflies are amazing to watch, others like wasps can be harmful. A single wasp sting is enough to ruin your day. If you know that you are in an insect infested neighborhood, silk plants would be a perfect alternative.

Before choosing to buy live foliage, you may want to consider maintenance costs and requirements. First off, you will need to be dedicated to watering the plants from time to time. This besides making sure the plants have adequate soil and adding fertilizer occasionally. In addition, you have to buy insecticides and pesticides in some seasons to stop pests and diseases from killing your plant. With a silk plant, you can be sure to avoid meeting such expenditures.


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